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What is Startup DEV RUMBLE?

It is a programming competition where teams of up to 4 people will have 48 hours to build a web application.

Where the contest will be held?

Virtually. This means that your team can work from anywhere. It is the future!

When will open enrollment?

The dates are posted on the homepage of the competition. Stay tuned on twitter HE:labs for news.

There is limited seating?

We will try to open as many vacancies as possible, but we have limited space, so remember that the first ones will have priority.

What do I need to know to enter the competition?

Knowledge in any programming language for web. It should also be aware of Git for version control code.

Can I compete with a native mobile app for Android or iOS?

No. Only web applications are accepted.

Where are hosted Git repositories?

We provide a private Git repository for the competition. You should use this repository for the development and someone on your team must push some code there at least two times a day to demonstrate progress.

Where the application is hosted?

Each team will have their application in a host service provided by the organization or any other of their choice.

If my company is sponsoring the Startup DEV RUMBLE, can I join the competition?


Can I use gems, plugins, libraries, templates, icons, etc.?

Yes, we encourage the use of any material that is public to everyone.

Can I develop a plugin or a library for my application before the competition start?

Since the plugin or library is available to the public and does not provide most of the functions of the application. Would it be acceptable to develop and release a plugin that provides an interface to an API, for example. It would be unacceptable to hide your views and controllers within a plugin and release it only for use in competition.

What am I allowed to do before the competition?

You are free to plan and design requirements for your application. You are also free to work on paper or mockups of the user interface. You are not allowed to produce digital material or any test or application code before the start of the competition. If you have questions you can contact us.

When will I have access to the code repository and hosting service?

Access to both will be released at the beginning of the competition.

My application needs to be open source?

We encourage staff to share its source code, but the competition does not require this.

Can I push things to Git before the competition?


Can I change the name of my git repo?


How can I get more information?

Stay tuned on twitter HE:labs for news and any questions please open an issue at Github.

My company or organization would like to sponsor the event. How can I do this?

Contact the organizers of the contest via email

Save the dates

Registration starts at: July 23rd 2012

You'll code at: Sep 1st-2nd 2012

Voting: Sep 3rd-4th 2012

Result: Sep 5th 2012

It's worth to remember...

  • Your team can work from anywhere.
  • You can use any language or web framework.
  • You can only develop during the competition period.
  • Teams with applications developed prior to the event will be disqualified.