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To participate you need to accept the contest rules. If you have any questions, please open an issue at Github.

1. Language

You can use any language or web framework.

There are events that focus on specific language such as Rails Rumble , the Django Dash and Node.js knockout, but the important thing for us is not the language, since you're comfortable with the chosen or want to learn a new one.

2. 48 hours

Your team has exactly 48 hours to develop the application in the Startup DEV RUMBLE. The competition starts at 00:00, 1 September 2012 and ends at 23:59 of September 2, 2012, GMT-3 (Brasilia).

You can work on the concept of your application before the start of competition, including paper or UI mockups and diagrams of database entities. Yet nothing can be created in production until the beginning of the competition. Plan, do not create. In case you have any questions please contact us.

After 48 hours, you will be judged by what was finalized. No feature or bugfix is allowed after 48 hours, or you will be disqualified.

3. A team of four people

Teams must contain one to four participants. No more than four people are allowed on a team.

4. Third-party software and libraries

Third-party software in the form of libraries or plugins are allowed and we encourage it's use if they are available to the general public and it's use is permitted by the license. Javascript libraries, flash widgets are also allowed, as well as other applications such as ImageMagick, ffmpeg, etc.

Stock images, icons and templates packages public available are allowed. Developing a plugin or library before the start of the competition that proves to be the core of your application is considered cheating. Developing a plugin or library that is publicly available and provides a general purpose function, access an API for example, is allowed to be done before the start of competition.

If you have any questions about a particular library, just contact us.

5. Use of Web services

Your application can make use of publicly available web services. This means that mashups with services such as Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Twitter, etc. are all possible and allowed.

6. Source code

We encourage participants to open their code base application for the benefit of the community. However you can choose not to open the code of your application. There is no problem in keep your code closed.

The organizers of the competition will have access to your code base, to prevent cheating from occurring. We pledge not to disclose all or part of the code of your application. However, we give ourselves the right to use your application as a promotion for this and future competitions.

7. User Privacy

Many people will review and play with your application during the trial. In the interest of protecting the data of it's users, we are imposing a not optional privacy policy for the duration of the event.

You will not disclose any user information to third parties except as required by law. You should not use e-mail accounts for any purpose other than the default operation of your application.

If you choose to continue to develop your application after the Startup DEV RUMBLE, you are required to notify users of any changes in privacy policy, so they can remove the information if they wish. During the term of this contest you agree to comply with the Privacy Policy of competition Startup DEV RUMBLE.

8. Judgment

You will be judged on the following items:

  • Design and User Interface
  • Originality and Innovation
  • Utility and Market Potential
  • Completeness

Each of the judges will evaluate each application on a scale of one to five and on each of these criteria they will review and write recommendations, improvements, bugs and other problems they have experienced.

We recommend competitors to use good development practices, but in the end the judges will evaluate the application based on what is visible to the end user. So watch for it!

The organizers of Startup DEV RUMBLE has the right to disqualify any team that is cheating or not competing in the spirit of Startup DEV RUMBLE.

Save the dates

Registration starts at: July 23rd 2012

You'll code at: Sep 1st-2nd 2012

Voting: Sep 3rd-4th 2012

Result: Sep 5th 2012

It's worth to remember...

  • Your team can work from anywhere.
  • You can use any language or web framework.
  • You can only develop during the competition period.
  • Teams with applications developed prior to the event will be disqualified.